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Working in Online Education at IT Sligo, Ireland. Architect/Academic/Autonomist; Builder/Blender/Bluffer; Creator/Connectivist/Collaborator. The ABCs of a converging life

Who am I? The me you see? my id? My digital image? My digital identity?

ID_DI – I am Utopia (DI). I am Dystopia (ID). All of the above but asynchronously and not to everyone       Where am I going? Towards the light (utopia) or into the dark (dystopia). Does my shadow follow … Continue reading

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Paulo Freire and ICTs: Liberatory Education Theory in a Digital Age

In what ways have information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the college classroom transformed the educational experiences of students? We approach this question theoretically by exploring examples of how computers in the classroom can promote the liberation of or further … Continue reading

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